X-eHealth | Hackathon for Chronic Disease Management

Dear All, 

In the context of the X-eHealth – Exchanging Electronic Health Records in a common framework, we invite professionals, researchers, students and any stakeholder who is interested in the healthcare domain to form teams and participate in the X-eHealth Hackathon for chronic disease management. The hackathon aims to showcase state of the art applications in the area of chronic disease management focusing on the efficient exchange of electronic health records by reusing the specifications developed by the X-eHealth project.  

On this basis and building upon the already in place Patient Summary, X-eHealth purpose is to develop the foundations for a common framework for medical imaging, discharge letters, laboratory results and rare diseases to flow both alongside citizens care pathway and across health entities between EU Member States and Neighbour Countries. 

The participation in the Hackathon is free of charge and is permitted just only one registration per team.  

The official event will happen in 7-9 June 2022, but during May X-eHealth Team will organise Hackathon Q&A and training sessions, every Tuesday, to all of you and everyone who signs up for the event. All people who register for the official event will later receive the direct link to the event and the agenda. 

We count on your presence and please don’t forget to use #chronicdiseasemanagement hashtag! 

Participate in the first webinar, which will happen 3rd of May
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